Throughout my life, I have acquired two general BA’s and one unspecialised masters in zoo-anthropo-sociology, to understand from a generalist point of view the root cause of our maladaptation as a rational species. However, I have failed to become a generalist. Generalists develop understandings of specifics “fields of knowledge” from the point of view of mastered disciplines, and I have never (by choice) mastered anything. Throughout my studies and through the superficial overview of many fields of study, I have constantly investigated the role of knowledge and of academics in the outcome of our present predicament. At 65, I have thus become a self proclaimed “artisan of global thinking.” I am presently in the process of writing in absentia a PhD dissertation on the existential problem that we are facing as a species, and on our inability resolve it using the kind of specialized thinking that can but contribute to its aggravation. We need to use the knowledge that we have accumulated to solve the problems that we have created while accumulating it.

English is not my mother tongue.

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