After the work of Copernicus and others had demonstrated that the earth was not the center of the universe but only a part of a much larger system, the world began to change its vision of reality. The process took hundreds of years. Today, because humanity has become a dominant influence on earth, we are faced with another such change: from nature being a convenience for people, to people being a part of nature. The scope is similar. The practical significance is of far greater consequence than the Copernican revolution but we have only a generation to complete the change.

Mike Nickerson, Change the World I Want to Stay On


Our understanding nature has always been directed towards four main areas of knowledge: energy, matter, life, and consciousness. Cosmic evolution itself has followed the same avenue. Our own evolution is repeatedly going through a similar process: first, we recognize, at different degrees of definition, that there is energy present in matter, then this matter is organized into objects for our benefit, and finally, this process has the effect of expanding our consciousness. Presently, we are going through one of these phases, which will eventually raise our consciousness to a level never attained before. Our present understanding of life processes, and the uses, excessive in many instances that we make of matter are setting the stage for such a necessary step toward a higher level of consciousness.

Since evolution is a dynamic process,  it is absolutely necessary to know where we come from to  understand where we are at the present and where we are going in the future. It is a matter of momentum. Today, in all areas of science, a great deal of energy is being expended in the service of discovering where we stand in this nature’s quartet: energy, matter, life, and consciousness. Unfortunately, since these efforts are made by specialists practicing their “art” in solo, they are mainly being employed to maximize the efficiency of our species’ partitions, instead of being applied in concert with Nature in a symphony of life.

Ultimately, play in tunes with nature we will, or suffer dire consequences. The odds are not on our side. Ninety nine percent of all species that have ever lived are now extinct. It is serious. Our next move will be decisive. We have reached the point of no return. All our energies will have to be used in conjoint efforts towards the common goal of survival. Many other species have been confronted with the same predicament, but none, as far as we know, has ever known beforehand that they could do something about it. Now, we know, and we can.


About André Gaudreault

Throughout my life, I have acquired two general BA’s and one unspecialised Masters of Art in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the university of Guelph, to understand, from a generalist point of view, the root cause of our maladaptation as a rational species. However. I have failed to become a generalist, generalists develop understandings of specifics “fields of knowledge” from the point of view of mastered disciplines and I have never (by choice) mastered anything. Throughout the superficial overview of many fields of study, I have constantly investigated the role of knowledge and academics in the the present predicament of humanity. At 70, I have thus become a self proclaimed “artisan of global thinking.” I am presently in the process of writing in absentia a PhD dissertation on the existential problems that we are facing as a species and on on our inability resolve them using the kind of specialized thinking that can but contribute to their aggravation. English is not my mother tongue.
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