“The human brain stores factual knowledge about the world in a relational manner, … That is, an item is stored in relation to other items, and its meaning is derived from the items to which it is associated.”

Is the Brain Good at What It Does- –

 “Yes We Can.”???

Of course we can, but we won’t do anything about it until we understand what is really happening to us. And we don’t, since none of the experts in all sectors of society, who know everything there is to know about our problems, are remotely fitted to understand the true nature of the evolutionary fallacy lying at their roots.
It is not the first time that such a fundamentally false premise opens up a unbreachable space between our ability to know and our capacity to understand. In Ancient Greece, astronomers knew everything there was to know, at the time, about the celestial bodies that they were observing in the heavens. However, they were incapable of understanding the true nature of the stars and the nature of the irregularities among the planets, because of their belief that the earth was fixed at the center of the universe. The same is true today for our elites, who know enough to dominate their own sectors of society, but who cannot understand the true nature of our present existential problem, because of their ignorance of the evolutionary fallacy at its root.

If such a close parallel can be made between the Ancient Geek and today’s elites, it is because the two false premises causing their respective limitations stem from the same fundamental natural phenomenon: inertia. For the Greeks, it was the ignorance of physical inertia that was keeping them from understanding the true nature of the Heavens.  For our elites, it is their intellectual inertia created by the mass of specialised knowledge assiduously accumulated during their years of formation that is preventing them from understanding that they are integrated part of  the global problem that their learned eloquence has contributed to create and which is being dramatically worsened by their primeval ignorance.

It is my understanding of this fallacy that made me perceive humanity’s elites as “degenerated baboons” who, in time of dangers, have forgotten how to step ahead on the first lines of defence to protect us. As dominant baboons do to protect their troupe, which initially gave them their social standings for this reason alone. Of course, our elites are still driven by the same urge to protect and defend, and they do it well. However, because of this fallacy, they have to constantly create new enemies to satisfy  the needs of a global war economyIgnoring the fact that the real enemies of our species are not among ourselves, but still in nature, on the forms of catastrophic events, as floods, droughts, famines, severe weather conditions, diminution of species diversity, epidemics, earthquakes, volcanic irruptions, and today, human-made catastrophes. All of which we would be well equipped to overcome, if we were not using all the resources that we are presently using to wage irrelevant wars to satisfy the exorbitant wants of  the overdeveloped-world’s elite.

* * *

To illustrate the ground of my argument, let me tell you what happened when I met a new acquaintance of mine, for the first time after the Gulf of Mexico disaster. During our conversation, I eventually came to tell him how offended I was to see that the trillions of dollars floating around in the world markets were not used in a way or another to do something about the Gulf of Mexico spill. He looked at me, stunned, as if I didn’t know what I was talking about, and told me: “But…but… that is “investment money.”

What he was telling me was that this money cannot be used to overcome any man-made catastrophe, such as the one presently threatening the whole Gulf of Mexico, but that it is “investment money” exclusively used to  “make money.” I hope to show you that this is the essence of the invalid argument that our elites are making to affirm their social dominance.

For instance, the reflections about profit for material “security,” made by investment specialists who claim to “play the role of God” in the economy, and who are the ones benefiting the most from the virtual wealth that they are “managing,”  are like the preaching of clergymen before the Reformation about the need to buy indulgences for “spiritual” security. Indeed, the  present days’  investments in “security” will be as irrelevant for the survival of  the human species, as the buying of indulgences were for individual salvation.

To come back to my conversation on this subject, it stopped soon after his mention of “investment money.”  It would have taken me too long, since what I was thinking about was too much in the line of a “mobilization” of all our resources against  the oil invasion of the Gulf of Mexico, as we did to counter the German invasion. Today it is not our freedom that is at stake if we don’t succeed in stopping these oil leaks soon,  but the health of the North Atlantic and, eventually, the whole Earth.  Doesn’t it call for the conversion of our war economies into a global “maintenance economy,” so we could use our resources, including all arm forces of the world, united in an allied effort to save the world? For this, though, we need political leadership, but, as I already realized many years ago, political leadership has become an oxymoron, since politicians have only one preoccupation, their own reelection. And it happened that the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spill has followed  Finagle’s Law to the letter (Anything that can go wrong, will at the worst possible moment) by happening during a year of US election.

* * *

The only reason that kept me going through all these years was the need to find out what was the “mistake” which I always believed we made as a rational species, somewhere during our evolution. After forty years, I have finally found it. If you want to know what it is, stick with me, if you can! It won’t be an easy realization for anybody, since it has to do with a fallacious assumption that we made hundreds of thousand years ago, if not millions, when we first  acquired consciousness.

And, given that the Ancient Greek couldn’t know about this original misconception―they were themselves descendants of “specialized” gods― it happens that this “original fallacy” has imbued all of our philosophies of life since then, and that it will be a lot tougher to accept now for the high priests of finance and business (all linked-at-the-hip puppeteers), and for their political and academic Pinocchios, in decreasing order of resistance, than heliocentrism was for the clergy and the angel-counting scholastic of the prescientific era. Believe me!

CHAPTER II Artisan of Global Thinking

About André Gaudreault

Throughout my life, I have acquired two general BA’s and one unspecialised Masters of Art in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the university of Guelph, to understand, from a generalist point of view, the root cause of our maladaptation as a rational species. However. I have failed to become a generalist, generalists develop understandings of specifics “fields of knowledge” from the point of view of mastered disciplines and I have never (by choice) mastered anything. Throughout the superficial overview of many fields of study, I have constantly investigated the role of knowledge and academics in the the present predicament of humanity. At 70, I have thus become a self proclaimed “artisan of global thinking.” I am presently in the process of writing in absentia a PhD dissertation on the existential problems that we are facing as a species and on on our inability resolve them using the kind of specialized thinking that can but contribute to their aggravation. English is not my mother tongue.
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