Annex IV Absolute Consciousness

I came to this idea of “Absolute Consciousness” while tinkering about the dialectic of water: Water is both the synthesis and the antithesis of hydrogen and oxygen.  It is the synthesis of the combustion of hydrogen in an environment of oxygen, and becomes itself their antithesis, since it extinguishes fire. Neat, I thought. This was to me the first materialistic instance of Hegel concept of dialectics, in which the synthesis of a dialectical opposition becomes their antithesis. Salt is another one. It is the ‘synthesis’ of two nasty substances, one poisonous, the other explosive, which has the antithetical effect of enhancing the flavour of what we eat.

And Consciousness in all that? Well, I went on to make the same tinkering about Energy and Matter, and realized that they were also antithetical, in that energy is a ‘conserved’ process, while matter is ‘entropic’ and reactive. And life, the synthesis of energy/matter (their complexification), is antithetically ‘negentropic’ and active, while Consciousness, the synthesis of all that, is also their antithesis in that it is ‘syntropic’ (destructive creation) and proactive. Neat, again! These are the reasons for my “Homocule” in effigy below: Life is 60% H2O. Maybe that is why we look like this?

All this tinkering has been made to support my main working hypothesis, which is an adaptation of Hegel’s ‘Absolute Mind’ and Charon ‘Proto consciousness’ stipulating that: The first element of the universe is not matter, but consciousness. Indeed, if nothing has been created after the Big Bang, but everything evolved in complexity from elemental principles (Ervin Laszlo, Evolution: The Grand Synthesis), then it is very probable that consciousness was already there at the beginning as “Absolute consciousness,” in which all the elemental principles of the universe were already present. This idea is very prolific when modern science is taken in consideration. 




About André Gaudreault

Throughout my life, I have acquired two general BA’s and one unspecialised Masters of Art in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the university of Guelph, to understand, from a generalist point of view, the root cause of our maladaptation as a rational species. However. I have failed to become a generalist, generalists develop understandings of specifics “fields of knowledge” from the point of view of mastered disciplines and I have never (by choice) mastered anything. Throughout the superficial overview of many fields of study, I have constantly investigated the role of knowledge and academics in the the present predicament of humanity. At 70, I have thus become a self proclaimed “artisan of global thinking.” I am presently in the process of writing in absentia a PhD dissertation on the existential problems that we are facing as a species and on on our inability resolve them using the kind of specialized thinking that can but contribute to their aggravation. English is not my mother tongue.
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