Will we destroy ourselves in ecological catastrophe, human misery, and war, or will we be transformed in a great quantum leap of consciousness? This, I believe, is the ultimate question before humanity today.  

 Sri Aurobindo

Every man gets a narrower and narrower field of knowledge in which he must be an expert in order to compete with other people. The specialist knows more and more about less and less and finally knows everything about nothing. 

Konrad Lorenz

Of course, our failures are a consequence of many factors, but possibly one of the most important is the fact that society operates on the theory that specialization is the key to success, not realizing that specialization precludes comprehensive thinking.

R. Buckminster Fuller



From Energy to Mater, to Life, Consciousness. and

A "Comprehensive" Understanding of the Dialectical Evolution of Complexity;

From Absolute Consciousness to Consciousness, to Self-Consciousness,

and Beyond;

A Natural Treatise of Philosophy of Science.

Blind Growth


My treatise is a synthesis of three modes of cognition, Spiritual, Philosophical, and Scientific, as respectively embodied in Paramahansa Yogananda’s teaching, Hegel’s notion of Absolute Mind, and Western science’s objective materialism.

Towards the end of my journey, this synthesis has become an interpretation of the global reality in which we live since the event of the Internet. To adapt ourselves to this new reality, we will have to learn how to use the WWW as an extension of our consciousness — as our PCs have already become an extension of ourselves— to consciously evolve, before it is too late, into a collective being consciously aware of our oneness with the universe, as we have come to be aware of our insignificance in it, as individuals.

As it is the unconscious evolution of our neo cortex that allowed us to become aware of the "objectivity" of the world, when we needed to adapt to a changing environment (cf. Savanna Hypothesis Yves Coppens Scientific American, May 1994, pp. 88-95),  conversely, now that we need to adapt to an environment that we are transforming at an accelerated pace, it will be the conscious transformation of the Internet into a collective "techno cortex," that will  potentially allow us to develop a pragmatic awareness of the " interconnectivity" of the same world.

Many among us, starting with Paramahansa
Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo, and many of their followers, e.g., Mother and Satprem,
have already perceived this interconnected reality encompassing our common mental

Sri Aurobindo dubbed this reality, the "Supramental." This dimension
will be mentally understood as the result of a grand synthesis, which will go "beyond" the
four dimensions of which we are presently aware, i.e., Energy, Matter, Life, and
Consciousness, and which will finally allow the new scientists to understand
"space and time" for what they really are, not "ontological dimensions," as
present day scientists believe they are, but concepts, which we have "invented"
to make sense of the “objectivity” of the world of which we are conscient.

Satprem already mentioned that when we become aware of the Supramental, we will evolve into spiritual beings as different from us as we are from the apes from which we descend. —In the same manner as we once transcended our animal consciousness, when we became self-conscious individuals.

And don’t be shocked by that there exist another dimension of which we have to become aware; almost a dozen of these dimensions have already popped out the specialized equations of quantum physics. The problem with these "dimensions," though, is that they can only be perceived as "nonsense" by specialists who don’t know what they are all about, because they define them from a "standard" materialist point of view; the same way we knew everything about the motion of the stars and the planets in the heavens, but couldn’t properly define them before Copernicus, since we were defining them while believing that the earth was fixed at the center of the universe. We will become aware of this "fifth dimension," when we understand that the first element of the universe is not matter, but consciousness, and that, when we probe into her, whether it be at the macro or micro level, it is in ourselves that we are probing.(From Georg Wilhelm Hegel’s Absolute Mind and Jean E. Charon’s proto consciousness)

Mind through history [evolution] is the Absolute Mind’s own march towards itself, … Hegel


To support this hypothesis, —which eventually became my working hypothesis in the course of my university search for what is wrong with fundamental science— I will show that my theory of dialectical evolution of complexity (E=MLC2), beside explaining in quantum terms many phenomena unexplainable by normal science, e.g., bird migration*, human consciousness, and the origin of war, also unified on an intuitional basis, Newton’s theory of Gravitation, Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, and quantum gravitation, and furthermore, opens to experts a more sophisticated avenue, at the Plank Scale, for a unified explanation of inertia, mass, electromagnetism,and quantum gravity. [sic]

And, even if all these are unintended results of an original attempt to make a synthesis of science and religion, I will have to continue keeping Yogananda’s and Satprem’s approaches "under cover," as I did during all my years at the university; only mentioning them in the conclusion, since their teachings, which have to do with a transcendent reality, cannot be viewed as relevant by materialistic academics.


*Life scientists will probably tell me that bird migration has already been explained by the presence of internal magnets and clocks, and by the existence of circadian cycles in birds. That is fine, but these do not explain how young cuckoos, which have been raised in other species’ nests without the presence of their genitors, and which start their migrations one month after them, can reach the same hibernation sites, even if they have never been there before? Or, how homing pigeons can return to their nests almost directly, when they don’t know where they have been taken.

Without a map showing them where they are and where they need to go, these birds’ migration or their return home is hard to undersdtand. Owever, if we take in consideration, that they remain somatically "interconnected" with the whole "portion of the universe to which they are adapted," then their capacity to know where their parents have migrated, or in which direction their nests, can be explained on the same basis as the "action at a distance" of gravity can be explained at the interconnected (entangled) quantum level. [sic]

As for "human consciousness" and the "anomalistic" phenomenon of war, although many explanations of these phenomena have already been given at this point, they are all false, since they are explained from within, from a self-centred homocentric point of view, in the same manner as the explanations of the gravitation of the planets in the heavens and their anomalistic epicycle could not be right before Copernicus. The anomalies that confront us at the moment are not with the motion of the stars in space, but with our own evolution in time.                         

Man’s greatness is not in what he is, but in what he makes possible."  Sri Aurobindo.

Quantum Reality

About André Gaudreault

Throughout my life, I have acquired two general BA’s and one unspecialised Masters of Art in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the university of Guelph, to understand, from a generalist point of view, the root cause of our maladaptation as a rational species. However. I have failed to become a generalist, generalists develop understandings of specifics “fields of knowledge” from the point of view of mastered disciplines and I have never (by choice) mastered anything. Throughout the superficial overview of many fields of study, I have constantly investigated the role of knowledge and academics in the the present predicament of humanity. At 70, I have thus become a self proclaimed “artisan of global thinking.” I am presently in the process of writing in absentia a PhD dissertation on the existential problems that we are facing as a species and on on our inability resolve them using the kind of specialized thinking that can but contribute to their aggravation. agaudwin@hotmail.com English is not my mother tongue.
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